Burn it All Down


Burn It All Down

Burn It All Down is the feminist sports podcast you need. This weekly podcast is hosted by (from left to right in the above image):

  • Brenda Elsey, Associate Professor of History at Hofstra in New York

  • Jessica Luther, freelance sportswriter and author in Austin, Texas

  • Shireen Ahmed, freelance writer and sports activist in Toronto

  • Lindsay Gibbs, sports reporter and a contributing writer to The Athletic in Washington, DC

  • Amira Rose Davis, Assistant Professor of History and Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies at Penn State University

Each week, we bring an intersectional feminist view to the biggest stories in sports, toss the most abominable people in athletics on the proverbial Burn Pile, celebrate some of the most badass women, non-binary, and gender-nonconforming people in sports, and interview some of the most influential figures in the game.

If you'd like to support the podcast, 

“This podcast is a who’s who of amazing women sports writers.” – Bitch Magazine (No. 77, Winter 2018 issue)

“What do you get when you put a Think Progress sports reporter, a Canadian sports activist and a Hofstra professor together on the same podcast? One capitalist-hating, Trump-hating, NFL protest-loving group of far Left women. … And the women on the podcast have no love lost for far right people, President Donald Trump and NFL owners either.” - NewsBusters

“For a growing group of podcast listeners, especially women, Burn It All Down represents a needed addition to the sports media landscape.” - Ozy

“It is fantastic to finally have a show that…understands that not all sports fans live in man-caves in their basement.” – Rewire

“Not only can this diverse group of friends be counted on to bring an intersectional eye to everything they discuss, they’re also on the ball when it comes to basic coverage, as well.” – Shondaland

To find out more about the podcast, listen to past episodes, find transcripts or contact information, visit burnitalldownpod.com