Photo by Rumaysa Khan

Photo by Rumaysa Khan


What They're Saying

"Shireen is a powerful speaker and writer.  Her written pieces ooze authenticity and resonate meaningfully, requiring us to reflect on our own mindsets and practices to improve the way in which we work and relate to the world." - Dr. Rimla Akhtar, Chair of the Muslim Women's Sports Foundation

"Shireen Ahmed’s sharp, insightful, and studied analysis of sports and politics is matched only by her passion for the games — when she has something to say about the meaning of sports in our world, do yourself a favor and listen." - Dr. Amy Bass, Professor of History/Honors Program Director, The College of New Rochelle

“Shireen delivers unique and insightful perspectives on inclusion and diversity for women in sport. She has become an important voice for progress, and an influencer for change around the globe.” - Moya Dodd, Partner at Gilbert + Tobin

"Shireen Ahmed is a force to be reckoned with in sports media: she's critical, constructive, and wicked smart. Her sharp analysis and unique voice have enriched the field of sports journalism and beyond." - Dr. Brenda Elsey, Associate Professor of History at Hofstra University

"Shireen Ahmed is an insightful thinker, beautiful writer, and a presenter who gets her ideas across with wit, cleverness, and smart powerpoints. I feel lucky that I have gotten to speak alongside her and to co-host a podcast with her." - Jessica Luther, President of the Shireen Ahmed Fan Club

"From the second you hear her speak, or read her writing, Shireen's urgency and passion for sports to be a place that's welcoming and uplifting is easily detectable. Few people are all over the stories you may not know, but need to know, as Shireen is." - Shane Thomas, Writer

"Shireen is a champion for underrepresented voices in media. She brings a much needed perspective to the sports world."Shakeia Taylor, Baseball Writer

"Shireen's insistence on justice for humans, and her belief that such justice will occur only when members of marginalized groups are given a voice, is what makes her such a powerful speaker, writer, and advocate. She is who I turn to when I want a compelling piece about a subject few others are willing to write about." - Kirsten Schlewitz, Co-Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Unusual Efforts

"I have learned so much from the work of Shireen Ahmed. Her lyricism and love of sports, crossed with a passion for social justice makes her one of the true cutting edge sports journalists of the 21st century."Dave Zirin, Sports Ed., The Nation